fire alarm systems uk fire regulationsThe rules that businesses must conform to to ensure that their employees and members of the public are kept safe while on their premises are endless and can be confusing and worrying. However, Total Safe UK can help ensure that when it comes to UK Fire Regulations, you are within the law. 

What kind of things do you need to consider when ensuring that fire safety is met in your business? Take a look at our brief guide below to the UK fire regulations:

Fire Extinguishers

In the unfortunate event of a fire, a well-maintained and working fire extinguisher is crucial to ensure the flames are dealt with quickly and don’t spread. British Standards expect the fire extinguishers in your premises to maintained annually by a qualified professional. 

Find out more about the fire extinguisher services we offer.

Fire Alarm Systems 

If a fire should break out on your premises, then a fire alarm system ensures everyone is alerted and can leave the building and stay safe. It is not enough to simply have a system installed, it must be regularly maintained in accordance with BS5839.

Fire Risk Assessment 

An FRA is carried to ensure you are aware of any potential dangers so that they can be rectified to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.  Carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment can be daunting for those with the responsibility which is why we offer the service to ensure it is done thoroughly and nothing is left out.

Emergency Lighting

If your power supply were to unexpectedly fail, is your emergency lighting fully working to ensure your employees can safely navigate your premises and get out safely? Your emergency lighting should meet specific British Standards. Call us today to check your emergency lighting and ensure you are within the law. 

health and safety emergency lightingFire Safety Signage 

There are many comprehensive and extensive UK and EU regulations which are in place to ensure your premises are safe. So many rules can be confusing, but Total Safe UK can ensure your company’s fire safety signage is conforming to all that is expected of them. 

Fire Safety Training 

Being a fire marshal in a company is a huge responsibility and one which requires commitment to ensure you keep your team safe. Fire Marshal Training ensures you know what you are doing and what is expected of you should a fire occur. 


Total Safe UK offer a wide range of fire safety services which can help ensure your company stays with the UK Fire Regulations. Call the team today and let us help keep your team and customers safe.