AOV Smoke System

Smoke Ventilation System

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What is a AOV system?

Fire Stopping

An AOV system (automatic open ventilation) is a great fire safety system that helps limit the inhalation of smoke during a fire. The system is designed to control the ventilation of smoke in a fire. It does this by creating and maintaining a smoke-free layer above the floor during an outbreak of a fire, reducing the build-up of smoke and heat.

Smoke is the biggest killer in situations of fires. It can spread through an entire building within minutes. Automatic Opening Vents are critical to keeping access areas clear in case of an emergency, protecting those in danger from smoke inhalation and giving them the clearest possible evacuation routes.

AOV types can range from automated roof hatches, and glazed or metal louvres to wall-mounted end-of-corridor vents, automatic opening vent windows and internal smoke shaft damper doors. When used in combination they can also provide an effective way to reduce heat in a burning building.

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Why install an AOV smoke control system?

Advanced smoke ventilation for safe evacuation

In case of a fire breaking out in a building, installing an AOV smoke control system can provide the following benefits:

  • Keep escape and access routes free from smoke
  • Improve visibility to ease firefighting operations
  • Delay and/or prevent full-fire development
  • Protect equipment, furnishings and contents
  • Reduce effects of heat on structural components during a fire
  • Reduce damage caused by thermal decomposition products and hot or harmful gases like CO2

We offer complete maintenance servicing on all AOV systems. Servicing reduces the likelihood of component failure and prolongs the system’s life. We also provide callouts if something goes wrong with an AOV system. For example, if your roof hatch breaks or fails to open, we’re on hand to correct any faults or issues preventing safety.

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