Fire Alarm System Installation and Maintenance

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Better safe than sorry

Fire Alarm System Installation

The main aspect of fire protection is to prevent fire. However, should a fire arise, early automatic fire detection is key and that is where Total Safe’s fire alarm system installation is vital.

Fire alarm systems provide an early warning of a developing emergency. But simply having one in place is no good if it is not in full working order. It needs to be regularly maintained in accordance with BS5839. We offer annual check-ups and maintenance on fire extinguishers.

Ensuring your fire alarm system is regularly maintained is the best way of ensuring safety is maintained across your premises and your business is compliant with current fire safety legislation.

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Total Safe fire alarm installation & maintenance

Keeping your premises safe
Total Safe provides a complete management system for all your fire safety needs, performing high quality fire alarm maintenance, inspection and repairs. Our fully trained, highly experienced team are always on hand throughout the whole process of your fire alarm installation, so you have complete peace of mind that we are here when you need us.

If you require us to carry out your fire alarm installation and maintenance, or are in need of a standard inspection on your current system, or perhaps you believe your system is in need of some repair work, our comprehensive service will cover all this and more. Contact us today to find out more.

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