PAT Testing Cost Calculator Total Safe UK

PAT Testing for your appliances:

Our Total Safe expert will give your appliances a thorough PAT Testing cost-effective service. First, they’ll visually inspect each one, looking for any damage or wear and tear. Then, they’ll use specialised equipment to run even deeper checks including earth continuity, lead polarity, and insulation resistance checks, making sure everything is properly grounded, wired correctly, and well-insulated.

Peace of mind, PAT testing with confidence:

You’ll get a bright green PASS sticker on your appliance. This sticker shows the test date, when the next one is due, and our engineer’s contact details. Plus, we keep track of all your tests and remind you when it’s time for a retest, so you never have to worry about staying compliant.

Nationwide Coverage:

Total Safe stands steadfast as your nationwide partner in fire safety and compliance. Wherever your business operates in Britain, rest assured you’ll receive the same consistent, PAT Testing cost-effective service, driven by our unwavering commitment to protecting your people and property.

With Total Safe, peace of mind is built in. Relax, knowing your appliances are always safe and up-to-code.

Don’t leave fire safety to chance. Contact Total Safe today for a no-obligation quote and schedule your PAT testing with confidence.