Fire Risk Assessment

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Fire Risk Assessment

Ensure employees, the public and tenants are safe
A Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is a legal requirement for premises where people could be working. Ensuring it is carried out thoroughly and correctly is vital and requesting Total Safe UK to conduct it for you gives you the peace of mind that those in your premises are safe while also taking the pressure off you.

Fire safety should be paramount and there are a number of different regulations we should follow to ensure our employees, the public and tenants are kept safe – one of which is an FRA.

An FRA is required to ensure any fire risks are identified within a business and ensures that people are kept safe. It must be carried out regularly and, when there are more than five people occupying a building or within a business, a written record of each assessment must be kept.

The responsibility of performing a Fire Risk Assessment can be daunting for many with it being such a huge responsibility to ensure people’s safety. This is where Total Safe UK can help as we can take this pressure off you and conduct your assessment meticulously and ensuring the safety of all those involved.

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Reduce and remove any Risks

Assessments for Landlords and Business Owners
Among other things, the assessment will determine:

  • Potential fire hazards
  • People at risk
  • Reduce and remove any risks
  • Necessary training for specific individuals

It will also assist with the preparation of an emergency plan.

The FRA enables landlords and business owners etc to consider and put in place if there are not already:

  • Emergency routes/exits
  • Fire warning systems
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Storage of necessary dangerous substances
  • Fire evacuation plan
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The Total Safe Fire Risk Assessment

Comprehensive FRA throughout the South East
Total Safe UK can provide your company with a comprehensive assessment throughout the South East. Our passion is fire safety and we want to keep you safe. Our team are able to advise you on any changes you may need to make to ensure people’s safety and equipment necessary should a fire occur for any reason.

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In addition to conducting your assessment, our team can also complete your PAT testing, provide health and safety signage to ensure you comply with Health and Safety Regulations, perform fire hydrant testing and dry riser maintenance.

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