Fire Hydrant Testing

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Fire hydrant testing
Fire hydrants are an essential part of fire safety. They are used by the fire brigade to access water from the local mains supply. When located on private property, fire hydrant testing and maintenance is the responsibility of the land or business owner.

To comply with UK regulations, fire hydrants should be checked and maintained by professionals. Total Safe offers testing throughout the South East. Regular fire hydrant inspection and maintenance enables fire fighters to have access to the tools they need to save lives.

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Thorough inspections
Our Total Safe engineer will perform a visual inspection of the hydrant frame and cover, the surface surrounding the hydrant and the “H” plate, removing any debris or vegetation that has grown – it’s essential that the fire brigade have easy, unobstructed access in an emergency situation.

Fire hydrant flow tests
The test continues with inspections of the valves, outlet cap, water pressure and a hydrant flow test. A Fire hydrant flow test determines the flow rate and pressure in any location throughout an underground water distribution system. Fire hydrants are tested regularly to ensure that they are capable of providing water at an acceptable pressure and flow rate for public health and firefighting operations. If required, your Total Safe engineer can carry out any repairs and maintenance on fire hydrants.

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