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Hose Reel Testing with Total Safe:

Total Safe’s fire hose reel testing services include crucial procedures to guarantee your reels are in top shape according to BS 5306, the British Standard for fire hose systems. Every component of the hose reel undergoes a thorough examination. This includes the hose itself, looking for signs of wear, cracking, or damage. The technician will also inspect the valves, ensuring smooth operation and proper sealing. The nozzles are inspected for functionality and proper spray pattern, and Pressure and Flow Testing ensures the hose and couplings can withstand the pressure without bursting or leaking. Additionally, the water flow rate is measured to verify it meets the required standard for effective firefighting.

Peace of mind your Hose Reels are prepared:

By undergoing these comprehensive tests, you can be confident that your fire hose reels are prepared to deliver the necessary water flow and pressure to extinguish a fire effectively. Remember, well-maintained fire hoses are vital for firefighter safety and successful fire suppression.

Nationwide Coverage:

Total Safe stands steadfast as your nationwide partner in fire safety and compliance. Wherever your business operates in Britain, rest assured you’ll receive the same consistent, Hose Reel Testing cost-effective service, driven by our unwavering commitment to protecting your people and property.

Choose Total Safe for a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive solution to your Hose Reel Testing needs.

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