Emergency Lighting Testing

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Better safe than sorry

Are you sure your emergency lighting system has been tested and working? If you can’t say yes then you need emergency lighting testing.

In the event of any power supply failure, you need to know your emergency lighting in place is working, which is exactly what we do. Total Safe will ensure your emergency lighting will operate in the event of normal power supply failure. In addition our emergency lighting testing meets the highest standards:

  • BS 5266-1:2016 Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises
  • BS EN 60598-2-22 British and European standard for emergency luminaires
  • BS 5499-10:2014 Guidance for the selection and use of safety signs and fire safety notices

Giving you total peace of mind you are safe in such an event. Following this we can also maintain your emergency lighting system regularly. Keeping you safe every time.

Why is it important? If such occasion occurs, it’s vital that emergency lighting illuminates, allowing your building’s occupants to be aware of emergency exits. As a result, they can quickly and safely leave the building.

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From £225 per Emergency Lighting Test