dry riser cost

Dry Riser Wet Maintenance:

When you entrust Total Safe with your Dry Riser service cost, box testing and maintenance, our fully qualified engineers kick off the process with a meticulous visual inspection of the Dry Riser box. Any areas affected by the testing are expertly cordoned off, ensuring a smooth and secure procedure. The dry riser inlet system is then charged with water, meticulously monitored to maintain pressure over time and distance. Upon completion of the test, the pipework is efficiently drained, and the cabinets securely closed and locked. Our comprehensive service includes design, installation, testing, maintenance, and commissioning, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. Total Safe simplifies the entire process, making it both easy and economical, with regular updates at every step.

Dry Riser Visual Inspection:

Every six months, our engineers conduct a thorough visual inspection, which is also integrated within the Dry Riser Wet Maintenance schedule. This vital step ensures the ongoing integrity of your system, meeting all necessary compliance standards. It’s a proactive measure to guarantee the continuous safety and reliability of your dry riser system.

Nationwide Coverage:

Total Safe is proud to offer consistent service across England, Scotland, and Wales, all at the same cost. Regardless of your location, our commitment to safety and compliance travels with us. Benefit from our expertise and dedication to keeping your business secure, no matter where you are in Britain.

Choose Total Safe for a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive solution to your dry riser system needs.

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