Fire Hose Services

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Are your fire hoses in good condition?

Fire Hose Services
Having your fire hose reels serviced and maintained regularly ensures they are in good condition for fighting fire as and when required. Inspections also highlight any damage to the unit if it has been tampered with or misused.

Failure to maintain life safety equipment can result in criminal proceedings under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Total Safe offer fire hose services including testing, repairs and maintenance of fire hoses in accordance with BS 5306. This includes a full inspection of the hose, valves, re-wind, nozzles and a pressure and flow test.

Hose Reel Testing from £20 per Reel
When were your hoses last tested?

Keeping your premises safe
Fire Hose Reels should be tested annually to comply with current standards. During testing, our highly trained engineers will conduct a Flow and Pressure test. Their findings will be recorded on a service label and attached to the reel itself. They will also undertake a visual inspection of the hose and all its fittings.

Fire Hoses also need to be pressure tested every 5 years to ensure the integrity of the unit, should it be needed in an emergency situation. We use specialist equipment that allows us to pressurize each unit to its maximum working pressure.

Our engineers who carry out our fire hose services are always well equipped with a good supply of spares, so, upon discovering any failures, we can often find a speedy resolution.

Did you know that we can inspect your hose reels at the same time as your fire extinguisher service? Contact us today to find out more.

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