Fire Door Installation and Servicing

The difference between life & death in an emergency

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Surveying, restoration, installation

Fire Door Installation
A fire door is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, fire safety products on your premises. They are an integral part of passive fire protection, designed to prevent the fire/smoke from spreading.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of fire doors being used on a regular basis, they are at a greater risk of damage and abuse, which can seriously compromise the fire protection in your building. Regular maintenance and inspection, therefore, is essential.

Total Safe specialise in the surveying, restoration and installation of fire doors.

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Total Safe fire door installation & servicing

Vital safety product
Installation of fire doors should only be carried out by a competent individual who has been specifically trained to do so and understands their responsibilities in getting it right.

Whether you are in need of a full replacement or upgrade of existing door sets, our engineers have both the expertise and experience to carry out the services you need to the highest standard.

Total Safe offer a consultative approach to ensure all our clients receive the best possible solutions to maximise cost effectiveness and reduce potential long-term maintenance costs. For more information contact us.

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