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Health and Safety Signage in the South East.
Clear and unambiguous H&S signage can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. This is why so many regulations stipulate the use of adequate signage with clear rules on sizes, placement and symbols.

The use of recognisable symbols, such as the fire exit running man, no smoking and chemical hazard means signs are understood by everyone, even when English is not their first language.

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Always compliant

Making sure your business is legal
Both UK and EU regulations around safety signs are both comprehensive and extensive. At Total Safe we’re well versed in these regulations and can make sure your premises are totally safe.

Available throughout the South East, Total Safe can offer Fire & Safety sign management for your business. Our team undertake a survey of the premises, make recommendations and then offer you a range of solutions and signs, which are available in a host of materials to suit any budget. Your Total Safe engineer will then install the correct signage so you comply with UK and EU regulations.

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