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Emergency Lighting Test with Total Safe:

Keeping emergency lighting in top condition is crucial for fire safety. The law mandates a regular Emergency Lighting Test to ensure these lights function properly during a power outage. There are two main tests:
Monthly “Flick Test”: This is a quick check performed by a designated person, often the building manager (we can also maintain your emergency lighting system regularly). It simulates a power outage by interrupting the normal power supply to the emergency lights using a special key (often nicknamed a “fish key” due to its shape).
Annual Duration Test: A more thorough test simulates a power cut by isolating the mains power for a set duration, typically three hours. This extended runtime checks battery life and overall system performance. These tests are vital to identify failing batteries or malfunctions before a real emergency. Total Safe will ensure your emergency lighting will operate in the event of normal power supply failure.

Peace of mind in such an event:

After the emergency lighting test, the Total Safe Technician performs a detailed inspection of the entire system, including batteries and emergency light units, to identify any underlying problems. The test results, including duration, light levels, and any faults identified, are documented and kept for future reference. This helps track system health and identify potential issues before they escalate.
Following these procedures guarantees your emergency lighting system is prepared to take over in case of a power outage, providing crucial illumination during an evacuation or emergency situation.

Nationwide Coverage:

Total Safe stands steadfast as your nationwide partner in fire safety and compliance. Wherever your business operates in Britain, rest assured you’ll receive the same consistent, Emergency Lighting Testing cost-effective service, driven by our unwavering commitment to protecting your people and property.

Choose Total Safe for a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive solution to your Emergency Lighting Testing needs.

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