The next services we want to talk about, may be smaller than the last ones, but are just as important! Here, we look into Health & Safety Signs and Emergency Lighting.

foam spray wall signage

Clear and unambiguous Health & Safety signs in an emergency can be the difference between life and death. Regulations therefore specify for the use of adequate signage with strict rules on their detailing.  Both UK and EU regulations around such signage are both comprehensive across-the-board. Total Safe are proficient in these regulations to make sure your premises are totally safe.

What areas do we cover?

We offer Health & Safety sign management across the South-East for a range of business premises.

fire action wall signageWhat can you expect from us?

Our team will undertake a survey on your premises, make recommendations of any changes that should be made, and offer you a range of suitable signs available in a whole range of materials to suit any budget! Your Total Safe engineer will install the signs so that they comply with both UK and EU regulations.


Is your emergency lighting system working as it should? Has it recently been tested? If the answer is no, you are in need of emergency lighting testing.

health and safety emergency lightingWhat can you expect from testing?

Total safe will test all emergency lighting to ensure it will operate as necessary in the event of a standard failure in your power supply. All testing carried out by us is done so to meet the following standards:

  • Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises:
    BS 5266-1:2016
  • British and European standard for emergency luminaires:
    BS EN 60598-2-22
  • Guidance for the selection & use of safety signs and fire safety notices;
    BS 5499-10:2014

What happens next?

Following testing, we advise that your emergency lighting system is maintained regularly.

Why is this important? Because if there is a failure in your power supply, it is your emergency lighting that indicates where your emergency exits are for your building’s occupants. This means they can exit the building quickly and safely.

Free Consultations

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