P.A.S.S. Fire Extinguishers Total Safe UK

Fire Extinguishers are something that you see almost every day. They are always somewhere! But as much as you see them, how many people know how to use one? Read Total Safe Uk’s guide on how to use a fire extinguisher below. “P.A.S.S.”

It’s fairly simple; just remember “P.A.S.S.”

P…ULL the pin.

A…IM the hose at the base of the fire. Hitting the tops of the flame with the extinguisher won’t be effective – you’ve got to smother it at its base!

S…QUEEZE the lever. In a controlled manner, squeeze the trigger to release the agent inside.

S…WEEP from side to side. Sweep the hose from side to side until the fire is out. Keep aiming at the base while you do so. Most extinguishers will give you about 10-20 seconds of discharge time.

SLOWLY back away…. Even if the fire appears to be extinguished, don’t turn your back on it.

REMEMBER, once you have used a fire extinguisher, even if you didn’t deplete all the pressure, you must get it recharged. Do it as soon as possible! If it’s a disposable extinguisher, throw it away and replace it as soon as you can. Don’t just leave it!

If you know how to use a fire extinguisher but think any extinguishers on your premises need replacing, you suspect they could be damaged, or you are not entirely sure on something, please contact Total Safe UK today and we will be happy to help with any of your unanswered questions.