We recently took over the Fire Extinguisher Servicing a local company this year. It turns out they had the wrong size extinguishers fitted so theirs did not meet the minimum requirements/regulations. So we arranged to get in contact with the previous company on their behalf. Something that we thought that would be an easy task. Not! Eventually, we managed to get in touch with the relevant party who ultimately admitted that they were at fault.

We have all been there. Multiple phone calls and explaining yourself to five different people and being transferred to every department under the sun other than the one you need. It is so frustrating! But we would happily do that all over again and then some for our clients because we really do care about each and every one of them.

Each type of business out there faces completely different hazards and fire risks. Choosing the correct type of fire extinguisher for the relevant class of potential fire could literally be the difference between life and death. It is super important. So why is this something that anybody could ever consider taking so lightly?

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