Last month, we investigated the PAT Testing Myths in the aim of educating our readers into what is true and what is just a myth. Following advice about PAT testing from someone who is unqualified in the subject is risky business! Taking risks with electrical equipment is a huge NO as the results could be catastrophic.

Here are a few more PAT testing myths that we have heard from our clients…

PAT Testing Essex and the south east Total Safe UKFor the Love of Labels

If anyone tries telling you there is a legal requirement to label all your equipment once it has been tested, they are wrong. There is nothing to say that labelling items is a legal requirement. However, we always advice on doing so. Unless you really are set against them, labelling items makes it much easier to keep your management, maintenance and reviewal processes simpler.

For example, we date our labels with the date the test was conducted and the date when the next test is required. We also put our contact details on them so you can contact us if you flag up any concerns.  (Although we always contact our clients before this time and make sure re-tests are rearranged before your certification elapses.

One or the Other

Many of us seem to think that if you are up-to-date with your PAT testing, then visual checks are not needed. FALSE! Visual checks on your electrical appliances plays an important role in the day-to-day maintenance of these appliances. Employees should be encouraged to give any items a once over before putting them to use.

Risk Assessments

“If you have your electrical appliances PAT tested regularly, there is no need to include them in your risk assessment…” Again, FALSE! FRA’s are there to identify ALL risks which includes your electrical equipment. They are absolutely needed along PAT tests as they exist to remove, reduce and control these risks.

That’s Not Mine!

If there are electrical items in your premises that do not belong to your business, you cannot just turn a blind eye to them. PAT testing Total Safe UK South East If you let employees bring in their own items, e.g. heaters, kettles, fans etc, you will need to include them in your maintenance plans if they become a permanent feature in your office.

PAT Testing with Us

If you are ever unsure on something PAT testing related, you should always check with a professional. For any PAT testing enquiries, contact a member of the team today. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and take away any stresses!