The types of equipment required depends on the business premises and the activities carried out. A professional body should install, test and maintain all equipment. Members of staff should know how to use them if necessary because this could make a huge difference in an emergency situation. 

You should carry out regular checks on your firefighting equipment. Make sure that…

All fire alarm systems are working

Fire exit signs are in the right place and are easily visible Fire Risk Assessments from Total Safe UK Essex and the South East

All fire escapes can be opened easily

Faults in systems and/or equipment should be recorded

The emergency lighting is working

Automatic fire doors close correctly

All escape routes are clear, and the floor is in a good state

A responsible person (someone with enough training and experience/knowledge to be able to implement the measures properly) must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. They must implement and maintain a management plan which should include regular checks like the above because this will help to minimise risks.

Total Safe UK can provide your company with a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment throughout Essex. Our passion is fire safety because we want to keep you safe. Our team can advise you on any changes you may need to make to ensure people’s safety, and therefore, advise on any equipment necessary should a fire occur for any reason.

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