Our next service of discussion is Fire Risk Assessments (FRA’s).  A strong FRA is an important part of your Fire Safety management.

Risk management Total Safe UK Essex fire safety servicesThere are several different regulations you should follow to ensure employees, the public and tenants are kept safe. One of which is a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA). An FRA is the process of evaluating all factors that determine hazard from fire, the likelihood of a fire starting, and the consequences if one were to occur. One must be carried out regularly and, were there are 5 or more people occupying the business/building, a written record of every assessment must be kept on file.

Responsibility over keeping people safe can be daunting…

The responsibility of performing an FRA can be daunting. It is such a huge responsibility having to ensure people’s safety. This is where Total Safe can help. Our passion is fire safety and we want to keep you safe. We conduct all our FRA’s thoroughly and our assessments meticulously. We can alleviate the pressure from yourself and give you the peace of mind that those in your premises are safe.

What areas do we cover?

We provide comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments throughout Essex and the South-East and our team are always on hand to advise you on any changes you need to make to ensure you have the equipment necessary and in good working order, should a fire occur for any reason, and that everyone is safe.

What should you expect from your assessment?Fire Risk Assessment FRA Total Safe UK fire safety services

Your assessment will determine:

– The potential fire risks of your business

– People who are at risk and those that are at a higher risk than others

– How you can work to reduce and remove any risks

– Necessary training for specific individuals

What happens next?

After your assessment, we can discuss the works, if any, that need carrying out in order for you to be compliant with current standards. Our team will be able to advice you on any changes you may need to make to ensure people’s safety and equipment necessary should a fire occur.