Servicing of Fire hydrants, Fire Hydrant Maintenance & Fire Hydrant Replacement

What are fire hydrants and what are they used for?

Fire hydrants are typically found alongside streets and public area, it maybe underground or a pillar type above ground. They are a point where firefighters can get access to and connect into a mains water supply, in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it is important that fire hydrants are not obstructed and are kept in good working order.

Servicing of Fire hydrants:

It is required that hydrants are serviced annually to ensure that they are in good working order. Here at Total Safe our hydrant inspections cost £65 plus VAT. During this service the below will be completed:

  1. Visual inspection – checking for obstructions that could cause delay to access in case of an emergency. Checking that the hydrant is visible, painted correctly and not covered by vegetations.
  2. Checking that the hydrant is easily accessible for firefighters and equipment and has the correct markings and signage indicating the presence of the hydrant. A hydrant indicator plate is used to clearly mark fire hydrant locations. The numbers above identify the size of the water main, and the numbers below show the distance to the hydrant.
  3. Physical conditions – Checking for physical damage and corrosion, ensuring all parts are intact.
  4. Valve Operation – Ensuring the valve opens and closes correctly with no leaks.
  5. Flow testing – Measuring the water flow rate to access the capacity and effectiveness.

It’s important to conduct hydrant inspections and fire hydrant maintenance on a regular basis, or fire hydrant replacement, as properly maintained hydrants contribute to the overall effectiveness of a community’s fire protection infrastructure.

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