Repainting Fire Hydrants Total Safe UKOur Total Safe engineers have been in Southminster this week repainting Fire Hydrants.
It is important repainting Fire Hydrants if their colour has faded. Remember; the brighter they are, the easier they are to see by the Fire Service.
If you have a Fire Hydrant on private land that looks like it needs repainting or is in need of a little bit of TLC, you should arrange for a professional visit. Not only should the Hydrant be highly visible, it should also be free from any obstructions. If the Fire Service gets called to an incident, time is precious. If a Hydrant is faded, it will be much harder for them to spot. Also, they do not want to be wasting time clearing any obstructions.
When performing a visual inspection, our Total Safe engineers will ensure that the Hydrant is not faded and is free from obstruction. They will then move on to inspect the valves, outlet cap, water pressure and flow rate. If required, our engineers can also carry out any repairs and maintenance.