If you live in a house and walk within 100 metres of your front door, chances are you will see at least one of these; a little yellow ‘H’ which is used to show Firefighters the location of a water supply. You cannot miss the ‘H’ on them, but if you look a little more closely, you will see 2 small numbers.
Most people will know that the ‘H’ indicates a Hydrant. But does anyone know what the numbers either end mean?
Fire Hydrant numbers
⬆️ The top number indicates the SIZE of the water main
⬇️ The bottom number tells you the DISTANCE of the water main from the sign
Do you manage/own private property with a Fire Hydrant on the premises? If so, did you know that YOU are responsible for ensure it is well maintained and complies with British Standards.Fire Hydrant numbers
If you fall into the above category, but do not remember the last time you had a professional out to inspect your Hydrant(s), give our team a call today.