fire hydrant uk fire hydrant inspection fire hydrant maintenance fire hydrant testing fire hydrant inspection and maintenance uk fire hydrant regulations hydrant testing fire hydrant flushing total safe uk london What is a fire hydrant?

A fire hydrant is an underground connection point whereby firefighters use to access the water supply in the event of putting out a fire. Underground there are valves that are directly connected to the local mains supply, and this is how the water is provided for emergencies. The hydrant is usually identifiable by a painted yellow hydrant plate in the street that has ‘H’ or ‘FH’ on it.

When should fire hydrants be tested?

Regular fire hydrant testing is essential in the potential events of a fire. Testing should be done annually by an engineer to ensure that the hydrant has the right water pressure and flow rate for when it is needed to be used in an emergency. It is important that all hydrants are not blocked by anything as it needs to be clear for easy access for firefighters.

What happens in an annual fire hydrant inspection?

When carrying out fire hydrant testing, we at Total Safe will check the area is clear of any debris and make sure there is a hydrant indicator plate, painted the correct colour. If it’s not damaged, we will go ahead to lift the lid and then check the pit for any debris or blockages. If it is all clear, we will then ship the hydrant and flush it through, this allows us to take a pressure test and a flow test. Once completed, we will take down our hydrant gear, replace the pit cover and then record the results for further use.

If you believe your fire hydrant needs an annual inspection or just regular maintenance please do not hesitate to contact us.