Clumsy? Forever dropping things? Most of the time, you drop something, you pick it up and put it back, and carry on as normal. But some things can become seriously damaged from dropping them. Fire Extinguishers for one and do you know what to do with a damaged fire extinguisher?

What to do with a damaged fire extinguisher  

Damage from dropping can damage the integrity of the extinguisher. It can also result in the pickup tube breaking, which would render the equipment useless. To the untrained eye, this could easily go unnoticed.

A lack of pressure will also cause an extinguisher to be inoperable. The extinguisher agent cannot be expelled so the extinguisher is therefore useless in putting out a fire. When fighting incipient-stage fires, every second matters. If you waste time trying to find another extinguisher, the fire will just be getting larger and more difficult to control. Then you have a much bigger problem!

So if you are clumsy enough to drop an extinguisher or one gets knock off of its wall hook by accident, do not just place it back. Make sure it is reported so that a professional individual can inspect it and replace/repair it as necessary.

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  • My fire extinguisher reads empty. Yet, it is as heavy as a full fire extinguisher. Is it possible for the meter to be defective?

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