Whether you’re the owner of a new office space or a trendsetting department store, organisations are now demanding that the firefighting equipment their building is equipped with is not only safe but also chic. Just like these brand new Foam & CO2 Chrome Fire Extinguishers we have just fitted in Autumn street, London. 

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Chrome Fire Extinguishers

With their shiny and somewhat ‘stylish’ outer surface, extinguishers like these are becoming more and more popular. Many business owner find that they are more aesthetically pleasing.

Do Chrome Fire Extinguishers conform to British Standards?

Chrome Fire Extinguishers are a constant cause of confusion among people. Many are unaware of the laws regarding them and whether they conform to British standards.

They function in exactly the same way as red fire extinguishers and come in a range of different types including water, wet chemical, dry powder, foam and CO2; just like the classic red ones.

Unfortunately, their design does have some drawbacks. It is highly recommended that proper signage is used, as Chrome extinguishers are more difficult to see than their red counterparts. 

With the right signage, and ensuring they meet regulations and are safe, Chrome extinguishers can be used in replacement of the classic red ones; they do exactly the same job, just look a little fancier!

Despite the confusion surrounding them, chrome extinguishers are completely legal. The confusion surrounding them actually comes from the fact that they do not conform to British Standards (particularly BS EN3-7: 2004). This states that 95% of the body of the fire extinguisher must be red. The standard, however, is only a recommendation; so fire safety regulations would not actually be broken if you did opt to install them.

Regardless of which colour you opt for, in the event of a fire, extinguishers are vital. Ensuing your fire extinguishers are always in perfect working order is an employer’s responsibility. Total Safe can make sure this procedure simple and inexpensive. Our team will undertake the work with the highest level of care.

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