Fire Protection Total Safe UK

All going well, lockdown restrictions will be lifted from the 21st of June! Fingers crossed! Will your business be compliant? Have you thought about Fire Protection? It’s pretty easy to get so carried away with all the excitement that Health & Safety Regulations can easily get missed!
A lot of businesses are under the impression that if they had their servicing carried out prior to covid-19 and they haven’t been open since, they do not need it done again before opening.
Lots of them will be under the impression that because their premises hasn’t been open, things like Fire Extinguishers will not have been used/touched so their last service will still suffice. This is not true. Fire Protection equipment must been tested regularly.
Fire Extinguisher servicing and PAT testing need to be carried out ANNUALLY. For Fire Alarms it is 6 MONTHS.
If it has been longer than this, you will need to book them in. To ensure your business is fully compliant, servicing will need to be done before you reopen.