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There are a number of fire extinguisher colour codes – you will notice that a fire extinguisher is 95% red, but will have a coloured band and this colour reflects what fires the extinguisher can be used for. Take a look at the fire extinguisher colour codes:

Red: this is a water fire extinguisher and should be used for paper, plastic and fabric fires;

Black: CO2 – this is suitable for Class B fires which are fires involving liquids such as petrol, paraffin as well as electrical fires;

Cream: Foam – Can be used on Class A & B fires, but not electrical fires;

Blue: Dry Powder – These can be used on Class A,B & C fires. It is safe to use on flammable gasses (class C fires);

Purple: Can be used on Class D fires which are flammable metals, such as magnesium fires;

Canary Yellow: Wet Chemical – These fire extinguishers are found in kitchen areas and are to be used on fires involving cooking oil.

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