Fire Extinguisher checks don’t just need to be carried out by the professional!

Imagine worst case scenario, and a fire breaks out in your office. The extinguisher you go to use is out-of-date or damaged so does not work. It doesn’t bare thinking about…

So what can we do to avoid this?

Fire extinguisher maintenance should be carried out annually by a professional to ensure they are in date and good working order. But here are a few Fire Extinguisher checks that you can continually do yourself in between visits from the professionals:Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

🧯Check the extinguisher is in date
🧯Ensure it is still holding its charge
🧯Make sure the seal on the extinguisher has not been broken
🧯Is the hose clear and free of any damage?
🧯Are there any visible signs of damage?

When was the last time your fire extinguisher servicing was carried out? Have you carried out any Fire Extinguisher checks since then? If they haven’t been inspected in a while or are showing obvious signs of wear and tear, contact our team today to arrange your fire extinguisher maintenance.