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What is Fire Marshal Training and what does it involve?

Fire marshal training is a type of education and training that is designed to prepare individuals to become a Fire Marshal (also recognised as a Fire Warden). Whoever is appointed to be a Fire Marshal should receive training on the different types of fire hazards – including how to respond in the events of a fire, how to use different types of firefighting equipment, fire prevention, the roles and responsibilities of a marshal, the current fire safety regulations, and how to manage people under pressure. The duration of a Fire Marshal course can vary depending on the extent of the areas covered, however, you can usually expect this training to last around 2-3 hours on average.  After completing the Fire Marshal training, you should receive a certificate that indicates you have completed this fire training course and are now able to be the first contact for fire safety in your workplace. This certificate should be renewed at least every three years as it will expire.

Do all workplaces need a Fire Marshal?

It is a legal and safety requirement stated in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, for all workplaces to appoint trained Fire Marshals to keep your employees and customers safe. Having someone who knows exactly what to do in a fire is extremely vital to keep a business and its employees safe. The business manager or someone from the management team in every workplace is usually the ‘responsible person’ for all fire safety compliance and will be the one to designate the Fire Marshal(s) to their role.

How many Fire Marshals do I need in my workplace?

The level of risk in your building determines how many fire marshals are required. Usually, a low-risk organisation requires 1 Fire Marshal per 50 people, a medium-risk organisation requires 1 per 20, and a high-risk requires 1 per 15 people. If you are unsure whether your workplace is at high risk, get a qualified engineer to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment in your building.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Marshal?

The following list consists of the duties a Fire Warden has to carry out in a workplace.

  • In an event of a fire, ensure that the evacuation plan put in place, as well as any fire safety procedures, are safe and effective, and all staff are aware of them.
  • Ensure that buildings and other structures are designed, built, and maintained in a way that minimises the risks of fires.
  • Instruct and direct people in an emergency.
  • Ensure that all emergency exits are clear and free from obstruction.
  • Have an up-to-date list of employees at all times.
  • Arrange and oversee fire drills, at least annually.
  • Check that all exit/fire doors are not wedged open, will function correctly and open fully.
  • Ensure that all new staff are aware of the policies and procedures and who the responsible person is in the workplace.
  • Ensure the fire logbooks and records are up to date. Legislation requires that all fire safety activities are accurately documented.
  • Monitor, review and document all actions with the responsible person.
  • Ensure all employees can hear the fire alarm and that it functions correctly.
  • Ensure electrical equipment is correctly PAT tested. Faulty electrical devices are one of the most common causes of workplace fires.
  • Ensure that all ‘break glass call points ‘are visible and indicated my signs. These are the devices fixed to the wall where you can manually sound the fire alarm by breaking the glass.
  • Check that combustible materials are stored away from sources of ignition.
  • Identify any possible risks in the workplace and then report back to the business manager/owner.

Fire Marshal Kits  

Fire Marshal kits contain the items required by a Fire Warden to help alert and guide individuals in the event of a fire or evacuation. A basic Fire Marshal Kit will usually contain a high visibility vest, a gas horn, a torch and batteries and light glow sticks, all supplied in a high visibility bag with a reflective strip. A larger Fire Marshal kit will contain the same items but in addition to a fire warden cap, a telescopic sign, a megaphone, a photoluminescent armband and an emergency whistle. All Fire Marshal kits will vary; however, all are for the purpose to help Fire Marshals aid in the safe evacuation of a fire.

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