Come Monday, all lockdown restrictions should finally be lifted! Who’s excited?! If you are an indoor hospitality venue reopening from Monday, there will be lots of covid-19 related rules for you to follow. Moving tables/chairs/furniture around to comply with social distancing measures may be one of them… If you are giving your venue a makeover, you need to make sure that the new layout will not block your Fire Exit Doors. Remember; Health and Safety rules are just as important, if not more, than social distancing rules!

fire exit doors installation total Safe UK fire safety servicesFire Exit Doors; Your Questions Answered

When rearranging your venue space, here are some questions you may be asking….

  1. Are any doors that lead outside potentially a Fire Exit?

Not all doors leading to the outside of your premises can be used as a Fire Exit. Sliding or revolving doors must not be used for exits specifically intended to be used as Fire Exits. Doors leading to enclosed courtyards are not always suitable to be used as Fire Exits either.

  1. Must Fire Exits be easily opened from inside the building?Fire Exit Doors

Fire Exits must NOT be locked or fastened in a way that prevents them from being easily and immediately opened from the inside in an emergency.

  1. Should Fire Exit doors always be unlocked whilst the building is in use then?

Fire Exits must not be locked with a key or padlock while the building is in use. However, when the building is unoccupied, it can be locked securely as required.

    Does the number of people using a building increase the number of Fire Exits that are required?

Yes. So if you are planning on having more people in your venue now that lockdown restrictions are being lifted, you will need to account for this when it comes to your Fire Exits.

  1. Can the doors be any colour?

Yes.  The most important thing is that the exit doors are clearly signed.

If your business is due to reopen and you are unsure if your Fire Exit doors are compliant or you don’t have as many as you need, or even that you are unsure about the ones you already have in place, contact our team today. While social distancing measures are important right now, NOTHING tops fire safety!