Fire dampers are not something the average office worker would ever notice, but they are super important as they could potentially save a life. They are crucial passive fire protection products that are designed to shut when a specified temperature/smoke condition is met. Which, in turn, prevents the spread of fire and smoke.

What areas do we cover for Fire Dampers?

Total Safe offers fire damper testing and maintenance services throughout Essex and the South-East. Maintenance is not only a legal requirement but is a crucial part of your building fire safety management.

What should you expect to happen during the service?

To comply with current standards, your fire dampers should be tested annually. The inspection procedure involves:Fire Damper Maintenance

  • Creating an inventory list of all units within your premises
  • Physically dropping the damper to demonstrate its effectiveness
  • Cleaning channels and runners
  • Addressing funning repairs
  • Resetting the damper

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What happens next?

Total Safe are qualified to provide you with a comprehensive report which will include location records. In cases of failures, a detailed report will also be provided to you with our recommendations where necessary. Contact us today to find out more.