fire alarm installation and maintenance Total safe UK fire safety servicesThe main aspect of fire protection is to prevent fire. However, should a fire arise, early automatic fire detection is key. Fire Alarm Systems are installed to protect you and your building, acting as an early warning of a developing emergency. Everyone depends on these systems functioning properly in the event of a fire.

But simply having one in place is no good if it is not in full working order. It needs to be regularly maintained in accordance with BS5839. As a business, you have a legal obligation to ensure your detection system is in good working order and adheres to these current regulatory standards.

What areas do we cover for Fire Alarm Systems?

Total Safe provides a complete management system for all your fire safety needs, performing high quality fire alarm maintenance, inspection and repairs across the South-East.

What should you expect to happen during the service?

Fire Alarm Systems should be serviced at least twice a year in compliance with British Standards. The service procedure involves:

  • You should be testing your fire alarm systems on a regular basis. We encourage our clients to do so weekly and log this in a book. By doing this, we can see if the tests are actually being undertaken and ascertain any issues that may need resolving before commencing our standard maintenance checks.
  • Your Total Safe engineer will put the system into test mode and systematically check the required number of sensors for that visit.
  • All sensors are checked and then serviced accordingly. A smoke detector, for example, needs a special kit and test keys are used to activate call points.
  • The batteries in all control panels are checked so your engineer can identify any detectors with batteries in need of replacing.
  • For hard wired systems, your Total Safe engineer will carry out a ‘load test’. This is to assess how close the current coming into the system is to its capacity. Too close and the risk of blowing a circuit is increased!
  • If your system is connected to other systems, such as shut-off valves, hold-open doors etc, these will be checked too.
  • One all checks have been completed, the engineer will take the system off test mode and reset the system.

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fire alarm installation and maintenance Total safe UK fire safety services

What happens next?

On completion of the service we will update the client and action any remedial works.



If you require a brand new fire alarm system – we will supply, install and commission it.

If you current one hasn’t been looked at in a while – we will inspect your current system to ensure it is working to its full potential.

Perhaps you believe your current system is in need of some repair work – we can fix it.

Our comprehensive service covers all of the above and more!