Let’s talk Dry Riser testing…. This month, our engineers carried out dry riser testing at Orpington College.

Dry Riser Testing at Orpington College

Who is responsible for Dry Riser Testing at Orpington?

Are you the responsible person (RP) for your building? Did you know that the RP is responsible for ensuring any Dry Risers on site are compliant. They are therefore LEGALLY required to ensure their system is maintained to BS 9990:2006. This means ensuring that they are visually inspected every 6 months.  In addition, a more thorough inspection and pressure test is required annually.

Do you know when your Dry Riser Testing and Dry Riser Maintenance was last carried out for your business? If it has been more than 6 months since your last inspection, give our office a call today and we can arrange a visit for inspection.