Dry Riser Certificate

“I know our Dry Riser was tested but cannot find the certificate?”If you do not have a Dry Riser test certificate or cannot find it, or the one you do have is simply out of date, you will NOT be legally compliant with British Standards.

Did you know; without a valid Dry Riser test certificate, in most situations, your business’ building insurance will actually be INVALID. So, it is really important that your business has one and it is in date.

Who is responsible for Dry Riser Test Certificates?

The person responsible for the building i.e. the property owner, landlord or facilities manager. They will need to be able to prove that all Dry Risers on site have been tested annually and produce records of testing. It is their responsibility to have a valid certificate of compliance in place at all times.

All Dry Riser certificates will be valid for 1 year. So, if yours is dated more than a year ago, you will need to arrange dry riser testing to obtain a new up-to-date certificate. For all Dry Riser maintenance and testing questions or to book in your testing, contact the office today.