What is PAT Testing?

The Total Safe UK team are often asked “What is PAT Testing?” so here is our answer!

P…ortable Appliance Testing

A…lmost anything that we might use through an electrical power supply

T…esting regularly to reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire


T…hink of PAT Testing like an MOT

E….lectrical appliances, when new, are (or should be) perfectly safe

S….afe initially, but after use, they can deteriorate

T…hey can deteriorate to an extent where the risk of electric shock or fire is a possibility

I…n the same way regular MOTs ensure the safety of our cars, PAT Testing ensures that our electrical appliances continue to be safe to use

N…ot only does this ensure that we are safe but also those around us

G….etting your appliances tested regularly is a must

If you suspect that ANY of your electrical appliances are faulty, or you have noticed a wire that is falling apart, or even if you simply can’t remember the last time they were tested, get in touch with Total Safe UK and we will be more than happy to help you! 

Find out more about PAT Testing from Total Safe UK. If you have any questions about how we can help your business or want to know more about ‘What is PAT testing?’, contact our team today.

You can find out more about what should and should not be PAT tested on the Health & Safety Executive website.


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